About Us

Established in 2007, Printerink.com.au has been successfully supplying printer cartridges to our personal, business, corporate & government customers at very low prices for over a decade now.

We provide a service level best suited to price shoppers - people & companies who know exactly what they want, and want it cheap. Our website is exclusively advertised through price comparison websites - it's our point of difference & it means you will always get very competitive cartridge prices and (unlike other comparison-site listed stores) low, flat-rate delivery from us every time you shop.

Low prices mean low margins! To maintain this and stay in business we have cut services like store pick-up & phone assisted ordering and do not offer cost intensive payment options such as paypal or cheque. This ofcourse means you can only order online & you can only contact us via email. (Although we may respond to your email with a phone call if your issue is urgent)

We know purchasing printer ink cartridges is not a glamorous shopping experience anyway, it's not the same as buying jewelry or new shoes, it's not emotional. Which is why we feel the price and service model we have adopted is perfectly suited to the product - It's a consumable - you know the model number of the cartridge you need (if not just type your printer model number found on the front of your printer into our search box) you get it at the very low price online and get it over with! When it's time to replace the cartridg again, you can log-in and repeat previous orders quickly and easily.